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iHeart Radio
Sound of Radio - American Christian Radio
AFR - America's Family Radio
BOTT Radio Network Media: Radio
Worship Radio Network
PBN Radio
K-Love Radio
KWAVE Wave of Living Water Radio
KPDQ Today's Christian Radio
Crusade Radio
Hope For The Heart Radio Programs
KELP Radio: El Paso's Christian Radio Station
CCN Online - Church Communication Network Radio Program
In The Market with Janet Parshall ProLife Radio

The Laurie Roth Show
KPRZ San Diego's Positive Talk Radio
Positive Life Radio

Straight Talk Radio with Stephen Bennett

Truckin' Bozo Radio Network
The Midnight Trucking Radio Network

Buck - Cowpie Radio

Golden Music Memories of Yesteryear with Frank E. Dees
Old-Time Radio
Radio - Old Time Radio Shows
Old Radio World
Soap Detectives
CBS Radio Mystery Theater - Keyword: "TalkRadio"
VCY/America Radio
KTKZ 1380 AM - "The Right Choice"
WKTX -"Direct Source Radio"

Radio America
Radio Liberty
GCN - Genesis Communications Network
Chuck Baldwin Live
Janet Parshall's America
Brett Winterble Show Radio
Steel on Steel
Mark Harrington Live
The Paul McGuire Show
Point of View Radio Talk Show with Marlin Maddoux
The Laurie Roth Show
The Michael Reagan Exchange
Roger Hedgecock
Lars Larson
Jimmy Lakey
The Phil Valentine Show
The Terry Anderson Show
Laura Ingraham
The War Room: Quinn & Rose
The John and Ken Show
The Dennis Miller Show "Emergency Communications"
"Emergency Radio"
KB9TMP - "Serving Jesus through Amateur Radio"
N4NCK Amateur Radio Homestead, Butner, N.C. 100 Years of Radio (1895-1995)
Navy-Marine Corps M.A.R.S. (Military Affiliate Radio System)
The Maritime Mobile Service Network
The Intercontinental Amateur Traffic Net - Links

" - MT Shortwave Central" "Ten Codes"
"CB Radio Ten Codes"

Intellience & Terrorism Information Center - Info Live (Israel)

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